Sunday Service

We meet at Waldmeisterstraße 99, 80935 München. This is in the north of Munich, not too far from the Olympiapark, BMW World and the Olympia-Einkaufzentrum.

Sunday Service

We are friendly people, we have lively worship and inspiring teaching. A tasty meal and a good cup of coffee is served in the cafe after the service. Please join us and experience it for yourself. 

Sunday Service

We start our worship service at 10.30 AM every Sunday morning. For additional events, please check the church calendar, weekly newsletter or Facebook page.

I’m New Here

We were all new at Jesus the Way at some point in time, so we do realise that you probably have a couple of questions that you’d love to ask. You may be wondering what it would be like to visit? We’ll try to share as much information as possible here, but we’d love to welcome you in person at our church. We look forward to meeting you.

are we?

We are a bilingual, multicultural church in the northwest of Munich. We are vibrant and passionate about Jesus, His ways and what He is doing in and through our lives.

What do
we believe?

We believe that everyone is unique and gifted and can make a difference. With Jesus, you can experience an abundant life of fullness and purpose, overflowing to those around you.

do we do?

We do life together.  Jesus the Way  is so much more than us just meeting together on Sundays. We have a wide variety of activities and outreach opportunities. 

Want to
know more?

If you have any further questions, we invite you to get in touch with us. Better yet, come visit us this Sunday and experience our church life for yourself. We would love to meet you! 

Our Vision

To love and honour God

By: worshipping Him in freedom and joy | fulfilling His purposes in our lives | living as new creations: forgiven, healed and free

To love people

By: proclaiming Jesus, His grace and salvation | ministering healing, deliverance and freedom | building one another up in the gifts of the Holy Spirit

To be a blessing to Munich, Bavaria and the Nations.

Through: prayer, prophecy and proclamation | practical service | extravagant generosity

Our Elders

Rob & Bridget Forbes
Lead Elders

Rob & Bridget have been leading Jesus the Way Church, Munich since January 2016. They lived in Mongolia for 14 years, where they were engaged in church planting. For five years, they were based in Dresden, Germany, and travelled extensively to strengthen and encourage churches in Europe and Asia. They have two children.                                                .

Hamman & Mirelle De Vaal

Hamman and Mirelle have lived in Munich since April 2010. Hamman completed his PhD at the TU München and works in Biomedical Technology. Mirelle is a part time copywriter and editorial manager at an advertising agency in Munich.  Both have many years’ experience in pastoral ministry.  They have 3 young children.


Landry & Helga Fokam

Landry and Helga live in Dachau with their two daughters. Landry works in sales and Helga in administration. They both have a heart to see the church grow and for God’s kingdom to be spread. Their current focus is to actively serve and support our Connect groups.

Jonas Stolle


Jonas grew up in Meissen and has lived in Munich since March 2018. He studied mathematics and now works at a medical technology company in Munich. His heart beats strongly for the local church, investing in people and worship.

Featured Events


How long does a service last?
The morning church service usually ends around 12:15, depending on how much ministry is needed. Afterwards, we invite you to spend time in the cafe for a light meal, beverages and fellowship.
Is there something FOR CHILDREN?
Yes, most certainly. We have a super children’s programme, KiGo – it  runs at the same time as the worship service, in KiGo we have three groups that cater for children between the ages of  4-12. We also have a MuKi room for parents with children under three.
In which language is the service?
The worship service is always translated into both German and English. We sing songs in both languages and the text is always translated so that everyone can participate or follow along.
Do you have a dress code?
No.  Please feel free to dress comfortably and modestly.  We also accept formal dress if you’d feel more comfortable in that.


16 Feb10:30
16 Feb10:30
Feb 2020
Feb 2020

Rob Forbes – How to become an overcomer

Centred around Rev 12:11, we were encouraged to overcome that which blocks our way forward. In the seven letters to seven churches at the beginning of Revelations, overcomers are promised to receive rewards of eternal life, Kingdom authority, God’s presence and being Kingdom citizens, which motivate us to press into God as we face our obstacles. The how - by the blood of the Lamb (1Jn 1:9), word of personal testimony (Rom 10:9) and total devotion to Jesus (Luke 14:25); these three ways enable us to do what often seems impossible and difficult to do.
09 Feb10:30
09 Feb10:30


Rom 8:28 - a well loved and well used passage, but do we fully realise that often our focus is on what we consider is good for us rather than the more deeper value of what is best for us. As we continue reading we see that in vs 29, the aim is that Christ be formed in us. Is that what we want? A preach that reminds us that we are CHOSEN, JUSTIFIED, SANCTIFIED & GLORIFIED. Jesus truly has the best for us, but it remains our choice to let Him do so in our lives.
02 Feb10:30
02 Feb10:30

Rob Forbes – Come and follow me

A look at three groups of people that Jesus interacted with - followers who stayed in the valley with Him, disciples who went up the mountain with Him and those who He sent out - Mark 3: 7-15. A solid message that helps us to place and recognise which group we are in, while challenging us to consider, are we worshippers? - John 4: 23-24, those who serve? - Mark 10: 45 and walking in obedience to Jesus? - John 14:15.
26 Jan10:30
26 Jan10:30
Jan 2020
Jan 2020

Mirelle De Vaal – Time for New wine

The Holy Spirit wants to fill us up and refresh us with new wine, this is always so necessary because be may have become dry and unfruitful. In this preach we are encouraged to examine our hearts as to why we may have held onto our old wine skins. Old wine skins - How we think!!!(Rom 12:2), What we hold on to!!! (Phil 3: 13-14), What we expect of God!!! (Eph 3:20, 21), What we focus on!!! (Matt 6:33) and How we live and love!!! (Is 61: 1-3)