Rob & Bridget Forbes

Lead Elders

Rob & Bridget have been leading Jesus the Way Church, Munich since January 2016. They lived in Mongolia for 14 years, where they were engaged in church planting. For five years, they were based in Dresden, Germany, and travelled extensively to strengthen and encourage churches in Europe and Asia. They have two children.

Hamman & Mirelle de Vaal


Hamman and Mirelle have lived in Munich since April 2010. Hamman completed his PhD at the TU München and works in Biomedical Technology. Mirelle is a part time copywriter and editorial manager at an advertising agency in Munich.  Both have many years’ experience in pastoral ministry.  They have 3 young children.

Landry & Helga Fokam


Landry and Helga live in Dachau with their two daughters. Landry works in sales and Helga in administration. They both have a heart to see the church grow and for God’s kingdom to be spread. Their current focus is to actively serve and support our Connect groups.

Jonas Stolle


Jonas grew up in Meissen and has lived in Munich since March 2018. He studied mathematics and now works at a medical technology company in Munich. His heart beats strongly for the local church, investing in people and worship.