Prayer for our city

Why we pray

"Love and honour God, love people, be a blessing to Munich, Bavaria and the nations."

The quote above is our vision as a church. Our mission statement and goal. And what better way to love God and people and to be a blessing to our city than pray?

God is most glorified when people turn to Him and start following Jesus. We want to see people saved! Nothing else will change our city as much as this.

When we pray for our city, we will see God’s kingdom come (Matt 6:9-10); we will see the light shine in the darkness (1 John 1:5); we will the light of the Gospel in every household in every street, affecting every man, woman and child.  

When we pray for our city, we are investing in the future of our city – the changes will start as a small trickle, but over time will grow into a river of God’s grace and goodness flowing through the city (Ezek 47:1-12).

Even if it takes 30 years: Let His Kingdom come!

Want to learn more about how prayer changed cities in the past?

Testimonies from the past

Pray with us

Joining a prayer walk is simple.

Walks are published on one of our broadcast lists (WhatsApp and Telegram). You can then sign up and join others on a walk to pray.

You can also go on a walk with your family or friends or connect group and pray for your area.

You can also see on our map, what areas have already been prayed for.

We've collected a couple ideas that can help you pray for people and households in Munich.

It's like a cheat sheet with inspiration on how to pray with thankfulness and with the promises of God.

Record a prayer walk

We want to know where we already prayed and which parts of Munich have not yet been prayed for.
You can help us to keep track of our progress by recording your prayer walk with a GPS tracker and send us the tracking data (it's anonymous).
This data will then be continuously added to a map that shows our progress.

We have created two little videos that show you how to use these apps:

Android App (on YouTube)

Iphone App (on YouTube)

Once you're finished with your prayer walk, you can send the data to us via WhatsApp: ‭+49 152 36126348‬

Host a prayer walk

You can let us know about your prayer walk using the form down below.

We've also compiled a couple guidelines that help you with the hosting of a prayer walk.

Thank you for applying to host a walk! We will be in touch and look forward to sharing your walk with the rest of the church.
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Upcoming walks