09 Feb: Rob Forbes – CONFORMED TO CHRIST

Rom 8:28 - a well loved and well used passage, but do we fully realise that often our focus is on what we consider is good for us rather than the more deeper value of what is best for us. As we continue reading we see that in vs 29, the aim is that Christ be formed in us. Is that what we want? A preach that reminds us that we are CHOSEN, JUSTIFIED, SANCTIFIED & GLORIFIED. Jesus truly has the best for us, but it remains our choice to let Him do so in our lives.

02 Feb: Rob Forbes – Come and follow me

A look at three groups of people that Jesus interacted with - followers who stayed in the valley with Him, disciples who went up the mountain with Him and those who He sent out - Mark 3: 7-15. A solid message that helps us to place and recognise which group we are in, while challenging us to consider, are we worshippers? - John 4: 23-24, those who serve? - Mark 10: 45 and walking in obedience to Jesus? - John 14:15.

26 Jan: Mirelle De Vaal – Time for New wine

The Holy Spirit wants to fill us up and refresh us with new wine, this is always so necessary because be may have become dry and unfruitful. In this preach we are encouraged to examine our hearts as to why we may have held onto our old wine skins. Old wine skins - How we think!!!(Rom 12:2), What we hold on to!!! (Phil 3: 13-14), What we expect of God!!! (Eph 3:20, 21), What we focus on!!! (Matt 6:33) and How we live and love!!! (Is 61: 1-3)

20 Jan: Rob Forbes – Holy Spirit & Word

The Spirit and the Word often seem to stand in opposition to one another, but through this message we are encouraged to live our lives in the Word of God, and allow the Holy Spirit to breathe His fire over His Word and through our lives. Eph 5:18-21, Col 3:15-16 and Jn 14:26 are key passages in helping us live this out in thankfulness.

12 Jan: Landry Fokam – From Now On (History Makers)

From now on, you can write a new story. We are invited to partner with God as He leads us to walk in His way and become History Makers. Taking a walk through the Old Testament and the New Testament we see how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit give mankind constant opportunities to walk out His plans with Him.

05 Jan: Hermann Sorg – Doing God’s Will

When we consider our New Year resolutions for 2020 we can look at Luke 11:28, this is key - hearing the word of God and then obeying Him. How can we do this? Firstly, see the greatness of God and secondly, know that He loves us and has the very best for us. So, let us seek what He has for us in 2020.