23 Feb: Rob Forbes – Pearl of Great Price

In Matt 13: 44-46 we read of two men, a garden farmer and a pearl trader/farmer, one wasn't looking for treasure and yet found it and the other was looking for treasure, and he too found it. The response that they had in finding the treasures was amazing and remains challenging to us. In your life, have you found the greatest teasure, for which are willing to give up everything. His name is Jesus!

16 Feb: Rob Forbes – How to become an overcomer

Centred around Rev 12:11, we were encouraged to overcome that which blocks our way forward. In the seven letters to seven churches at the beginning of Revelations, overcomers are promised to receive rewards of eternal life, Kingdom authority, God’s presence and being Kingdom citizens, which motivate us to press into God as we face our obstacles. The how - by the blood of the Lamb (1Jn 1:9), word of personal testimony (Rom 10:9) and total devotion to Jesus (Luke 14:25); these three ways enable us to do what often seems impossible and difficult to do.

09 Feb: Rob Forbes – CONFORMED TO CHRIST

Rom 8:28 - a well loved and well used passage, but do we fully realise that often our focus is on what we consider is good for us rather than the more deeper value of what is best for us. As we continue reading we see that in vs 29, the aim is that Christ be formed in us. Is that what we want? A preach that reminds us that we are CHOSEN, JUSTIFIED, SANCTIFIED & GLORIFIED. Jesus truly has the best for us, but it remains our choice to let Him do so in our lives.

02 Feb: Rob Forbes – Come and follow me

A look at three groups of people that Jesus interacted with - followers who stayed in the valley with Him, disciples who went up the mountain with Him and those who He sent out - Mark 3: 7-15. A solid message that helps us to place and recognise which group we are in, while challenging us to consider, are we worshippers? - John 4: 23-24, those who serve? - Mark 10: 45 and walking in obedience to Jesus? - John 14:15.

26 Jan: Mirelle De Vaal – Time for New wine

The Holy Spirit wants to fill us up and refresh us with new wine, this is always so necessary because be may have become dry and unfruitful. In this preach we are encouraged to examine our hearts as to why we may have held onto our old wine skins. Old wine skins - How we think!!!(Rom 12:2), What we hold on to!!! (Phil 3: 13-14), What we expect of God!!! (Eph 3:20, 21), What we focus on!!! (Matt 6:33) and How we live and love!!! (Is 61: 1-3)