Jesus der Weg Beamer Dienst

20 Jan: Rob Forbes – HOLY SPIRIT AND WORD

The Spirit and the Word often seem to stand in opposition to one another, but through this message we are encouraged to live our lives in the Word of God, and allow the Holy Spirit to breathe His fire over His Word and through our lives. Eph 5:18-21, Col 3:15-16 and Jn 14:26 are key passages in helping us live this out in thankfulness.

12 Jan: Landry Fokam – From Now On (History Makers)

From now on, you can write a new story. We are invited to partner with God as He leads us to walk in His way and become History Makers. Taking a walk through the Old Testament and the New Testament we see how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit give mankind constant opportunities to walk out His plans with Him.

05 Jan: Hermann Sorg – Doing God’s Will

When we consider our New Year resolutions for 2020 we can look at Luke 11:28, this is key - hearing the word of God and then obeying Him. How can we do this? Firstly, see the greatness of God and secondly, know that He loves us and has the very best for us. So, let us seek what He has for us in 2020.

24 Dec: Rob Forbes – The Miracle of Jesus Christmas 2019

Christmas, a time to focus on and celebrate Jesus. The miracle of the virgin birth, the joys and complexities of the DNA formation - this short Christmas message, Bible readings and worship lead us again to thankfulness to the King of Kings for the gift He gave to us and that we get to enjoy and celebrate daily.

22 Dec: Rob Forbes- KING OF KINGS

As we focus on Jesus through this advent season, we are reminded in Col 1:9-20 of WHO HE IS and WHAT HE DID. The key points to remember are: Jesus is the image of God, He is different from everything, He holds all things together and through Jesus we can enter into a personal relationship with Him because He has qualified us.

08 Dec: Rob Forbes – UNSEEN WORLD PART 5 – Hell

Is Hell real? Hell is real, eternal and horrifying, but in Jesus we have hope. As the series on the UNSEEN WORLD draws to a close we learn that hell was not made for humans - Mt.25:41 and we are challenged by the question - "What do you want more than God?" This is indeed a difficult topic, but we are left both thankful for what Jesus has done for us on the cross and reminded that our commission to reach the lost is very urgent.